The project was to upgrade workshop and car parking facilities which included Bulk earthworks and stormwater. Cut and fill building & paving plateau, basecourse, subgrade, subbase.

Supply and install civil stormwater based on the Stormwater Management Plan provided including, 16 Grated Inlet Pits class D, 240m3 underground detention tank, Gross Pollutant Trap and scour protection to council drainage reserve. 


Stage 1B1 Highfield of Springwood Estate Subdivision Programme.

Construction of road works, inclusive of sub grade, road sub base, base course, asphaltic concrete, kerb & gutters, footpaths, line marking and signage.

Excavate, supply, lay, test and back fill of water mains and connections.

Excavate, supply, lay, test and back fill of 
sewer mains and connections, inclusive of air testing and CCTV.

Common service trenching, street lighting.

Allotment filling and compaction under Level 1 Supervision and retaining walls.


Residential Lifestyle Village subdivision consisting of approximateley 70 allotments.

The contract is for the construction of road works, drainage, common service trenching, water & sewer mains and connections.

Setting out the works from established bench marks and boundaries. Boxing out roadway, sub grade preparation, road sub base and basecourse, formation of footpaths, kerb and gutters, spoon drains and block paving.

Construction of water mains inclusive of fire plugs, stop valves and associated testing, stormwater drainage, filling and compaction.

Trenching and backfilling common service trenching and electrical trenching.  Preparation of tansformer base pad to SAPN requirements.

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