Laka have undertaken various works for several local councils. These works have included:
  • Stormwater infrastructure (concrete collection pits and reinforced concrete pipe installation) to various roads and parks
  • Construction of stormwater pump station and associated rising main
  • Construction and upgrade of Council owned CWMS gravity collection systems
  • Construction of Council owned CWMS sewer pump stations and associated rising sewer mains
  • Construction of CWMS treatment and storage lagoons
  • Flood mitagation bank construction
  • Construction of shared pathways withiin existing Council reserves
  • Property crossover construction
  • NBN pit and conduit installation
  • River crossing construction of the South Para River
  • Road construction
  • Plant and labour hire
  • Materials transport

Laka have undertaken a variety of water main relays and sewer extensions throughout regional South Aust.
These have included:
  • DICL bridge crossing relay within DPTI roadway at Williamstown
  • 4223m of 100PVC-M installation in Freeling, Cobdogla, Paringa, Loxton, Kapunda, Woodside and Long Flat
  • 2110m of 150PVC-M installation in Lower Light, Murray Bridge and Krondorf
  • 1818m of 250PVC-M installation in Freeling
  • 140m of 100 DICL installation in Freeling, Cobdogla and Woodside
  • 62m of 150 DICL in Lower Light
  • 50m of 250 DICL in Freeling
  • 45m of 813 MSCL in trunk main realignment in Gawler East
  • 55m sewer extension in Angaston in hard rock
  • Remediation of Brooks Bridge stormwater silt basin in Cox Creek
  • Erosion control of Gould Creek at Snake Gully



LAKA were involved with the Playford re development plan and our works included the following:
  • Removal of all underground redundant services and remove excess material off site.
  • Excavate Common Service Trench for electrical HV and LV conduits and backfill
  • Civil works to Wombat Crossing
  • Civil works to road, Playford Blvd Deep lift, temporary car parks, shared path and verge
  • Civil works to pavement areas, grade areas, road works, foot paths.
  • Respread existing top soil over the new lawn areas 
  • Sediment and erosion control


Installation of SA Water Main from Torrens Rd to Torrens River. Project included Night works.
LAKA were engaged by Leighton York Joint Venture to undertake various leadup watermain relays to allow for the construction of the new South Road link bridges at the Port Road and Grange Road intersections.
  • 700m of 250mm M-PVC in Port Road
  • 360m of various DICL and M-PVC in South Road from Port Road to Manton Street
  • 160m of 150mm M-PVC in Grange Road to South Road
  • 400m of DICL and M-PVC in South Road from Port Road to Forster Street
  • Various cut and caps and temporary water main installations

Laka were awarded the contract to construct building pads and car parking for Headquarters Office Building, Loan & Repair warehouse, hardstand for vehicle storage, ultra wide band test facility and weapons test fire facility at the RAAF Base.
These works included:

  • Demolish existing redundant stormwater systems and civil items
  • Strip and remove topsoil
  • Remediate existing uncontrolled fill
  • Prepare and supply base course in preparation for the construction of the new buildings and facilities
  • Removal of ACM topsoil, under SafeWork SA and EPA guidelines
  • Supply and installation of underground stormwater system including pits, downpipes, swale drains, headwalls, sumps, Megaflow subsoil drainage system, Rock Rip Rap, Geofabric and reno mattress

Following completion of the buildings, Laka proceeded with installation of kerbing, spoon drains, edge strips, pram ramps, medium kerb, footpath pavement preparation, bitumen laying and concrete surrounds.


Laka were awarded the early works contract to prepare the site for a large warehouse pad and temporary drainage of the site. The works involved using the large quantity of onsite fill to build the pad up and create a natural fall away from the pad for drainage.

The largest challenge to this project was the season. Coming into winter, this posed a significant challenge as the natural soils to that area were high in clay. With the site being flooded twice due to heavy rains, this created a few soft spots in the fill buildup that needed to be reworked and rectified before the rubble could be placed.

Laka were contracted to construct the civil works for Stage 4A Virginia Grove, Virginia.
Works included:

  • Environmental Management in compliance with Contractor's CEMP
  • Allotment filling under Level 1 Geotechnical Supervision (AS 3798)
  • Earth mound construction in compliance with EPIC Energy requirements
  • Complex ongoing Dewatering of the site
  • Swale and basin construction
  • Sewerage
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • Water Reticulation
  • Kerbing, Road and Footpath Construction
  • Common Service Trenching
  • Communications Pits and Conduits
  • Linemarking
Laka were contracted to construct the civil works for Stage 6A and 7 for Aspire.
Works included:
  • Earthworks
  • Roadworks
  • Concrete Works
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • Sewer Services
  • Water Services
  • Common Trench Services
  • Electrical and Lighting Reticulation and NBN
  • Soil Erosion and Drainage Management


Laka were contracted to construct the civil works for Stage 1 Greenfields (23 residential allotments) and Grocke Way (8 allotments).

Grocke Way was constructed in 2009 by others and included a CWMS pressure main, common service trenches containing SAPN electrical, Telstra and public lighting infrastructure.

Our works included:
  • Introduce a central median strip
  • Widen the pavement and construct new kerbs
  • Abandon the CWMS pressure main and remove all allotment connections
  • Construct new gravity CWMS
  • Construct new gas trench
  • Regrade the allotments
  • Retain the common service trenches, water main and public lighting


Provide complete civil works package including:
  • Bench and prepare site for main warehouse building and office/retail area
  • Construct external parking and landscape areas for kerbing, gutters, bitumen, sundry concrete works
  • Provide supply and installation of civil stormwater drainage
  • Remove excess materials from site
  • Compaction testing and certification as required



Bench site to required levels, excavate and re-compact existing uncontrolled fill, supply, place and compact PM2 to building base, block paving base, concrete paving base and bitumen paving base.  

Installation storm water system, Agg drain, 100kL rainwater tank, 170,000L dentention tank and pumps.
Bitumen to car park, kerbs, pram ramps and linemarking. All compaction testing and civil surveys.

This project involved liasing closely with the client, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers and meeeting timeframes to ensure the project scheduling for the numerous tradespersons was not disrupted. Tight timeframes and large volumes of tradespersons made accessibility to our site work areas difficult at times.

LAKA Director, Leith Ahlfors, joined with Sarah Constructions to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation by participating in their World's Greatest Shave Day event.

The works included the demolition of existing structures, bulk earthworks, building pad preparation, installation of stormwater, carpark prep, kerbing and bitumen for a new shopping centre which will revitalise the main street.

Based in the town of Wallaroo, this redevelopment concept took years to come to fruition.  Council and the community faced many obstacles, including re locating their Bowling Club, creating a new roundabout and addressing the overall need for a new shopping complex in the town, residential expansion and its effect on local traffic movement in the area.


The project consisted of site management, bulk excavation, Level 1, compaction, underfloor filling, testing, sub-grade preparation, trenching, backfilling, top soil stripping, stockpiling, respreading and disposal of surplus material.

Bench site, installation stormwater system to road surfaces, concrete spoon drain, plinth, bitumen to carpark and roadways, rubble paving, backfill retaining walls, linemarking, wheel stops and bollards to carpark.

The City of Playford wished to expand the community facilities at The Angle Vale Community Sports Centre, and Laka Earthmoving Contractors Pty Ltd won the tender to provide the work which included additional asphalt car parking, kerbing, car park lighting and stormwater infrastructure upgrades.

LAKA were responsibile for the supply of all materials, supervision, labour and machinery necessary for the design, demolition, construction, laying, compaction, finishing and cleaning up of the site and works conducted in accordance with Specifications and Drawings within the specified time frame.



The works comprised the construction of a new ALDI Store with the scope of works being awarded to Laka Earthmoving Contractors Pty Ltd , which included site clearing, demolition of existing kerbing, pavements and services and disposing off site.
The removal of uncontrolled fill, moisture condition and relay under Level 1 supervision.
Asbestos was discovered in the uncontrolled fill and removed under Safework SA requirements to an authorised dump facility.

Other contracted civil works included stormwater drainage, spoon drains, retaining walls, carpark preparation, bitumen, kerbing, pram ramps, garden bed surrounds, line marking, wheel stops and bollards.


LAKA were awarded this contract to remedy and complete the civil works on this project.  Civil works had been commenced by a previous contractor but the bulk earthworks and site preparation to Level 1 had to be reinstated due to the substandard subgrade.  

Our works consisted of Civil demolition removing kerb and gutter, removal of trees, chain mesh fencing and general site works. Remove spoil from site, supply and compact PM3 under Level 1 supervision, supply and place PM2 to building, footing, paving and road base. 

Supply bitumen, Agg Drain and backfill retaining walls. 

Supply and install stormwater system including Gross Polutant Tank, spoon drain and excavate, place and compact sand to feeder conduit trenches. Supply and place dolomite to yard area.



Works included strip topsoil and dispose off site, excavate all uncontrolled fill, soil testing of clean fill, moiture condition and re-compact suitable fill.

Import fill material to bench site to required levels under Level 1 supervision to building base, paving base and bitumen subbase.

Supply and install stormwater system, including 3 rainwater tanks and 2 Gross Pollutant Tanks with pumps and connect rising main to GIP. Supply and install irrigation condiuts and agg drain to retaining walls and backfill.

Supply and install AC10 bitumen, kerbing and pram ramps.


The civil component of this project required demolishing concrete drive and path, Dado wall, AGV ramp, redundant fire main and dispose off site.

Excavate for proposed building extension and supply and place building base, moisture condition and compact sub grade under Level 1.

Works were carried out to allow minimal disruption to Orora's onsite activities.



Works to quarry entrance included demolish bitumen, remove trees, stumps, existing fencing, guardrail and bollards and dispose off site. Strip topsoil and stockpile onsite and widen entrance.

Key into existing bank with fill in 250mm nominated layers and re spread topsoil to disturbed areas.

Place materials to subbase and base and lay AC10 to bitumen area. Supply linemarking and install crash barriers, chain mesh fence and re instate guard railing.

Excavate rubble apron to wheel wash and install rubble base to apron. Install concrete apron including mesh and create rock lined swale to new work for water runoff control.

Laka constructed the civil works for Stage 1 and Stage 2 for Jollytown Subdivision (28 allotments)
  • Site earthworks to meet design requirements
  • Construction of road pavement
  • Construction of common service trench
  • Construction of CWMS services
  • Construction of mains water supply service
  • Construction of stormwater drainage
  • Construction of kerb and watertable
  • Signage and line marking

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